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The Training and Development of employees and managers is a crucial aspect of all organizations and professions. This specific area of organizational consulting encompasses many diverse topics. We provide a variety of programs that are vital throughout many industries including healthcare, retail, service, education, manufacturing, and public safety. Continuing Education Credits may be available to many professionals. Several formats are available: in-service, seminar, or workshop. Training may be conducted at the worksite or offsite accommodations can be provided.

We specialize in utilizing experiential learning techniques to enhance knowledge acquisition. Although some direct instruction is necessary, we will devote time in each session to each individual's actual experience of the techniques. We design all programs to directly develop and enhance skills. Without question, our programs provide accurate information and real solutions that will work in life.

A brief description of several important and interesting training topics are following. Additional subjects will be provided upon request. We will be pleased to tailor a program to address the unique needs of each organization.

Employee Motivation
Team Building
Violence Prevention
Stress Management
Conflict Management
Cultural Diversity
Sexual Harassment
Awareness and Prevention
Values and Ethics
Customer Care
Balancing Work and Home
Personalities at Work
Critical Thinking Skills
Leadership Development
Communication Skills
Assertiveness Training

Employee Motivation
Everyone experiences times of being tired, frustrated, or discouraged. As a result, work or tasks become difficult to prioritize or complete. Is it possible to create or increase motivation toward life and a job well-done?

Our Employee Motivation program is designed to encourage and invigorate all who attend. Activities will allow participants to recharge and renew their energies. Upon completion, participants will be animated and excited about life and work. Perspectives will change. Our Motivation Program will hearten and sustain everyone who attends. We will increase motivation toward life and a job well-done.

Team Building Program
Teams are a fundamental aspect in the workplace of today and the future. Teams may exist within a discipline or across disciplines. Teams can enhance the overall functioning of employees and the organization or inhibit productivity and effectiveness through miscommunication and division.

This program is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the team as a unit as well as to educate the individual in the skills necessary to be a good team member. Group development will be a primary goal. Our program will utilize a significant amount of experiential learning. We will design the activities to enhance knowledge and understanding among group members as well as to build cohesiveness, trust, and familiarity. The ultimate goal of the Team Building Program will be to develop an effective team in which the members can build on the strengths of each other allowing for a more profitable and productive organization.

Violence Prevention
Terrorism, Violence in the Workplace, and Disgruntled Workers are common headlines. But, the most pervasive problems for companies are the small, negative situations that occur at work on a daily basis. This negativity can incite violence and aggression at the worksite.

Our Violence Prevention program will provide instruction on how to identify negative situations. Alternative actions and responses will be outlined. Participants will learn the consequences of their behaviors and how to make adjustments. With this program, we will teach realistic responses that will make a difference in all aspects of work. (Please see Violence Prevention Programs under Crisis Solutions for additional services that we provide toward reducing violence and aggression.)

Stress Management Skills
Stress is an undeniable fact of life. Both positive and negative events increase our levels of stress. Our circumstances and our responses can propel us toward strain or burnout. While we cannot determine all of our circumstances, we can determine our reactions.

There are many methods of identifying and coping with stress. Our program is balanced with information and practice. Participants will learn to identify performance-threatening stressors and to develop personal and environmental adjustments to alleviate stress reactions. Participants will be taught self-awareness techniques and the appropriate use of relaxation. We will provide specific solutions to reduce and manage stressful events that would otherwise hinder peak performance. Stress Management Skills will equip individuals with realistic options for dealing with stress that might be personally and professionally harmful.

Conflict Management Skills
Conflict is prolific in many environments and is intensified by antagonistic conditions imposed through financial constraints, the loss of respect and decent treatment of others, and the demise of the work ethic. Unless appropriately managed, conflict is detrimental to the operations of all organizations. This disharmony can adversely affect employee responsibilities, concentration, and production.

Our Conflict Management program will outline potentially difficult situations that employees might encounter in a myriad of work settings and advantageous courses of action. Content will be designed to address relevant company or industry issues. Our program will help each participant to identify his/her personal conflict resolution style as well as the styles that others use. Experience will be provided in different styles in an attempt to guide each individual toward the most effective style or combination of styles in which he/she is comfortable. Our program will delineate specific steps to use in the appropriate management of conflict.

Cultural Diversity Awareness
Workplace Diversity is now a fundamental feature of most organizations. The future promises even greater diversity of the workforce and the population in the United States. Everyone should be prepared to address this new dimension in employee relations, customer relations, and business management.

Our program will provide crucial information on a variety of diversity issues that are paramount in this new millennium. Diversity encompasses more than just different cultures. Additional issues include gender, age, and religious diversity. We will emphasize overall knowledge and sensitivity to these vital topics. Ultimately, the Cultural Diversity Awareness program will focus on instilling an awareness and an appreciation for differences in others in work and life.

Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention
Sexual harassment at the worksite is now universally deemed as unacceptable. Whether between employees or between employees and those receiving services, it is condemned. As a result, the issue is no longer one of acceptability or of existence. The current emphasis is how to train employees to prevent any occurrences with facts and techniques that can make a difference.

Our program provides precise information regarding the specifics of sexual harassment. Participants will be instructed on ways to prevent harassing situations and they will be provided with techniques to manage specific harassing individuals. Overall, our purpose of Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention is to increase knowledge and awareness of the issues as well as to outline appropriate steps toward prevention. We will present this delicate topic with prudence and professionalism.

Values and Ethics
Every individual has personal ideas of right and wrong, personal belief systems, or personal codes of conduct. We develop our values and ethics throughout our lives and we use them as a guide to our behavior. Usually, we do not stop and think about what we believe or why we believe it. We just act according to our internal mores.

Our Values and Ethics program will consider moral development from a personal perspective and an "other" perspective. We will clarify individual values and discuss the impact on work and life. We will emphasize the importance of certain standards of behavior at work. Ethical dilemmas will be presented along with responses and repercussions. Our Values and Ethics program will prove enlightening, thought-provoking, and encouraging.

Customer Care
Keeping current customers is substantially easier than obtaining new customers. A strong focus on customer service can make a significant difference to a company's bottom line. In addition, the overall environment will improve for customers as well as employees.

Our Customer Care program is oriented toward serving and maintaining customers. Participants will learn techniques and behaviors that will make a direct impact on behaviors and the work environment. Appropriate responses to customer reactions will be discussed in detail. Our program will train participants in the service and care of your customers and clients.

Balancing Work and Home
Adults are bombarded with demands at home and work. Many people experience guilt related to time away from home or guilt related to uncompleted tasks at work. Sometimes small adjustments can make amazing differences. It is possible to have enjoyment and to thrive while balancing home life and work life.

Our Balancing Work and Home program will outline the primary causes of life dissatisfaction. We will then present specific steps toward greater satisfaction with work and home life. Organization skills and time management will be included. Joy can be experienced at home and at work. Why not start a new and better balancing act today?

Personalities at Work
A multitude of characteristics are possible in one personality. Which ones are beneficial? Which ones are self-defeating? Is it possible to adjust our personalities?

Personalities at Work is a fact-driven program about different personality characteristics. We will present the common personality types. Participants will have the opportunity to identify personal traits and learn how to make adjustments. Our program will direct participants toward acquiring beneficial attributes and toward responding to others' characteristics. This Personalities at Work program provides a foundation for understanding and dealing with people.

Critical Thinking Skills
In many professions and in different situations, individuals need the ability to think critically. Some people believe that one must be born with these skills or one must do without. But, logical analysis and clear thinking are skills that can be learned with training and practice.

Our Critical Thinking Skills program will provide instruction on proven techniques. Participants will practice organizing problems, addressing issues, and postulating solutions. They will learn to analyze situations with clear thinking and logical progression. Our program will provide the tools and techniques toward critical thinking and enable participants to apply these skills in real-life situations.

Leadership Development
Leadership encompasses a multitude of functions. Interestingly, the term manager does not always indicate leader. Often, managers are promoted from the ranks of employees but lack the appropriate knowledge or experience in leading others. Some people may be "born leaders". However, leadership skills can be taught.

Our program will present the fundamental styles of leadership. We will assist the participants in the determination of their best personal style. Gender and cross-cultural differences will be addressed. We will present topics such as organizational skills and priority determination. Leadership training emphasizes the acquisition of skills proven to be effective in leadership positions while providing for an enhancement of overall functioning.

Communication Skills
Communication is a crucial factor in all interactions whether with superiors, co-workers, or those receiving services. Today, constant communication permeates our lives. There are cell phones, pagers, faxes, e-mails, voice mails, as well as the old fashioned phone calls and mail. This overabundance of availability is overwhelming. More is not always better.

Our program will guide participants in basic communication skills. We will present guidelines for the appropriate use of the relatively new communication options such as voice mail, e-mail, and faxes. We will discuss the difference between intended messages and received messages. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice the techniques they learn. Through Communication Skills, we will provide the necessary information to enhance interpersonal and professional relationships in today's technology-driven world.

Assertiveness Training
There is a common misconception that assertive is equal to aggressive and that both are bad. In actuality, assertiveness is characterized by the ability to make positive declarations with personal confidence and assurance. Assertiveness is not equivalent to aggressiveness. Assertiveness requires a strong definition of self, direct and firm communication, positive feelings of self-esteem, and collaborative interactions with others.

In our Assertiveness Training program, participants will be taught the techniques to successful self-promotion. We will build self-esteem along with positive feelings of self-worth. Participants will be prepared to address previous situations and to face new challenges. The goal of our Assertiveness Training program is to equip each individual with the skills necessary to maximize his/her potential while expanding the benefits to the organization and the customer.

Whether your needs are at an individual, group, or corporate level, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

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