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Resource for Living

Description: SPECIAL NOTE:  Resources for Living was the original title of     Dr. Bonner's radio show.  Beginning January of 2004, this radio show became known as PsyKeys. Please visit the special website dedicated for PsyKeys.  The link is provided in the left menu.

A weekly radio program dedicated to a positive look at life, psychology, and the resources that can make a difference.

Schedule: 8:06 to 9:00am every Wednesday morning on KMLB 1440 am. The show is also streamed on the internet through the Live Sports link on kmlb.com.
Format: An interactive radio program with information and discussion between the host, guests, and listeners. Questions or comments are taken by phone at 318.324.1500, or Toll Free at 1.800.259.1440, or by e-mail to psykeys@bonnersolutions.com.
Host: Mkay Bonner, Ph.D.
Licensed Industrial Organizational Psychologist
Producer: Olivia Greer
Program Director: Doug Seegers

Dr. Bonner has been teaching psychology at the university level for over 10 years. Throughout these years, she has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses including Introductory Psychology, Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Sensation and Perception Laboratory, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Theories of Learning Behavior, Performance Appraisal, Selection of Employees, Training and Development, and Statistics. One of her favorite courses to teach has been the introductory course. In this course, she has the opportunity to present a wide variety of psychology information to people who usually are not aware of how rich or how practical the field of psychology is.

Ultimately, psychology touches every aspect of life. Psychology provides a scientific understanding of behavior and the mental processes that are involved. This includes the behavior of children, the behavior of teenagers, and the behavior of parents, as well as the behavior of paupers, the behavior of millionaires, the behavior of employees, and the behavior of bosses.

Resources for Living
With this radio program, Resources for Living: Insights and Information, Dr. Bonner wants to bring some of this amazing science and rich information to everyone. She discusses REAL LIFE and REAL SITUATIONS. She addresses the myths and erases possible misconceptions which may be found in the mainstream media. She strives to make psychology REAL to everyone and USEFUL to everyone.

Dr. Bonner presents a foundation of information on different topics that are specifically relevant to the times or current issues. She invites guests that can contribute additional information on individual issues. But, the overall emphasis will always be the POSITIVE aspects of psychology and life that can make a difference. Psychology is not perfect, but it can make life BETTER!

Program Topics
Some of the recent topics and planned topics for Resources for Living include the following:

  • Holiday Stress
  • Grief and Surviving the Holidays
  • Impulse Buying - the Good and Bad of Consumer Psychology
  • Changing Habits - Not the Same Old New Year's Resolutions
  • Jobs - in the U.S. and northern Louisiana
  • Job Training Issues
  • Proactive Violence Prevention
  • Customer Service
  • Gambling Issues
  • The Psychology of Politics
  • The Military and Psychology
  • The Psychology of Money - Are We More than our Bank Accounts?
  • Spenders and Savers
  • Creativity and IQ
  • Discipline by Motivation
  • How to Find Your Dream Mate or How to Turn Your Mate into Your Dream
  • T.V., Music, Violence, and Children
This list is a sample of the wide variety of past and future topics planned for this show. On Resources for Living, Dr. Bonner will address a combination of serious information, insights, encouragement, and fun.

We are always interested in your comments, questions, and suggestions. If you want to ask questions or make comments about past programs, or if you would like to make suggestions for future topics, please e-mail us at psykeys@bonnersolutions.com. If you would like to call in during the show, the number to call is 318.324.1500, or 1.800.259.1440, or dial *14 on your local Alltel cell phone.

As life goes by, Be Hopeful, Be Encouraged, Be Different, and Be Positive. Prepare for the worst, Hope for the Best, and, always remember to face each day WITH A GRIN!

Whether your needs are at an individual, group, or corporate level, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

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