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Legal Compliance Solutions

Legal Compliance related to human resources is a continuous and often overwhelming endeavor. In many situations, minimal attention is devoted to regulations until a problem arises. Two approaches may be considered. The first approach is to prevent a problem before it occurs. Proactive prevention will include the analysis of current practices and the development of detailed plans for adjustments and improvements. The second approach is to confront a problem after it occurs. This approach will include analyses to determine if an infraction has actually occurred. Upon this determination, corrective actions will be designed for the current issue and for future prevention. All assessments and evaluations will be conducted and completed within the rubric of criteria acceptability as set forth in the Daubert ruling.

A brief discussion of some of the human resource issues that may be of concern for you or your organization are following. You may click on a specific link in the list or you may scroll through the information. If you are interested in a different issue that is not presented here, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bonner at Bonner Solutions & Services. She will address your specific concerns and present possible options that are relevant to you.

Injured Worker

Whether an employee has been injured on or off the job, it is important to determine current functioning and future potential. Through scientific evaluations, Dr. Bonner will assess employability as she addresses the following questions: Can the same job be done? Will accommodations be required? Is a new and different job an option? Will training be beneficial? Is there any possibility of gainful employment?


When focusing on proactive prevention, employment practices will be analyzed. When confronting a problem, an analysis will be conducted to determine whether intentional or unintentional discrimination occurred against a protected class. Solutions may include remedies through Selection or Appraisal procedures, through Training and Development, or through appropriate Documentation.

Disability Assessment

Disabilities may be directly or indirectly associated with the workplace. Dr. Bonner will conduct assessments to determine the legitimacy of the disability and the full extent of the disability. The possible impact on work behaviors and home life will be completely explained. Appropriate adjustments and interventions for work and home will be detailed. Disability Assessments are interrelated with many other assessments, some of which may be viewed at Testing / Assessment Solutions.


In some situations, a question of intentional malingering may exist. Malingering is falsely portraying or misrepresenting symptoms. Using scientifically-based assessments combined with professional knowledge and experience, Dr. Bonner will evaluate the likelihood of malingering.

Risk Assessments

Organizations are vulnerable in a variety of areas. Risk Assessments can be focused on people or employment practices. Individuals may be intentionally or unintentionally violating regulations. Employment practices, such as Selection, Promotion, or Training availability, may have errors of omission or commission. Dr. Bonner will tailor a Risk Assessment to directly evaluate your concerns. The overriding goal is to identify areas of concern and to address any of these issues before they become problematic. Other issues that are directly related may be viewed at Crisis Solutions.

Sexual Harassment

Legal compliance regarding sexual harassment includes training, policies, and adherence. Specific situations of harassment can be investigated. Policies and Procedures or the work environment may be evaluated. Dr Bonner will assist with any needed adjustments including plan development and implementation. For more information on Awareness and Prevention training, please see Training Solutions.

Policies and Procedures

Dr. Bonner will develop policies and procedures specifically addressing the areas that are relevant to your company. These may be considered on an individual basis or as a comprehensive system. Specific areas of common interest include the following: Selection, Retention, Advancement, Employment, Safety, Training, Harassment Prevention, and a Violence Prevention Policy. Additional areas will be addressed upon request.

Cautionary Statement: This section on Legal Compliance Solutions in no way suggests that Dr. Bonner is practicing law. On certain issues, the assistance of your personal attorney may be advisable. Dr. Bonner, through training and experience, will apply her skills toward addressing compliance of regulations directly related to the working environment.

Whether your needs are at an individual, group, or corporate level, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

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