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These Business Solutions are the cornerstone of the Bonner Solutions & Services corporation. Dr. Bonner has a diverse resume of experience, knowledge, and training which explicitly addresses the analysis, development, and refinement of organizational entities. She provides a multitude of direct services to assist groups, departments, organizations, or corporations.

You may be a sole proprietor and manage your business alone. You may own a small business with a few employees. You may have several subordinates relying on your direct supervision. Or, you may be responsible for a large number of volunteers or employees. Whether you are responsible for your company's human resource management or you are responsible for all organizational decisions, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

You may click on one of the links below or review each of the following services. Additional areas and topics are presented elsewhere on this website. You may click on the topic of interest in the left column for a direct link. If your concern is not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bonner for more information or for possible resources.

Employee Selection

Employee Selection is a vitally important operation in all organizations. There is a distinct difference between hiring and selection.

Hiring is the act of employing someone. Applications or interviews may be used but there is no systematic method for accurately and legally distinguishing between candidates for the position in consideration.

Selection utilizes different techniques such as testing, assessments, work samples, and interviews in a scientifically developed process for identifying the best possible candidate.

Are you an employer with 15 or more employees? Could you benefit from help with several regulations including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Pay Act, or other regulations?

Are your application forms completely within legal mandates? Just a few of the important items to review include Age, Birthdate, Credit History, Social Security Number, Driver's License, Minimum Salary, Previous Salary, or Criminal Record.

Are your applicant interviews actually identifying the best candidate? Are your interviewers trained? Do you have structured and legally-compliant questions?

Have you recently evaluated your selection procedures? Do you need a new selection plan?

Are you searching for the best employee? Are you desperate for an employee who is knowledgeable, motivated, and committed?

Employee Selection includes many components. One component, Selection Testing, may take a variety of forms including Pre-Screening, Pre-Job Offer, or Post-Job Offer. Employers may be interested in specific assessments of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Or, employers may need a more Comprehensive Assessment of candidates for employment or promotion. For further information on Selection or Promotion Testing, please view Testing / Assessment Solutions.

Other components related to Employee Selection include application forms, resumes, work samples, situational exercises, and interviews. These components combine to answer the question, "Who will be the best employee?"

Whether you need assistance with one component or several components, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to interpret the key selection factors and to design and provide beneficial Selection Solutions.

Performance Appraisal Systems

A Performance Appraisal System is a scientific evaluation used to document relatively recent behaviors and the end products or results. Accurate and appropriate appraisals provide the foundation for employment actions such as retainment, remediation, terminations, promotions, raises, and bonuses. When conducted correctly, a written appraisal will provide documentation to help substantiate any employment action. Furthermore, Dr. Bonner can utilize performance appraisals to design Performance Improvement Plans.

There are several types of analyses that can be utilized in a professional Performance Appraisal System:

  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Error / Waste Analysis
  • Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Evaluations

To benefit your company and employees, consider a Performance Appraisal System that will accurately and legally measure work behaviors and work results. Contact Dr. Bonner for more information on a Performance Appraisal System that will make a difference for you.

Organizational Needs Analysis

An Organizational Needs Analysis is utilized to systematically identify organizational and employees' needs. This analysis is the best initial point of investigation prior to implementing any program. A Needs Analysis will identify issues, will document current functioning, and will provide a foundation for future goals. At the conclusion, programs can be tailored to address these identified issues which will greatly increase the probability of program success.

There are three levels of a Needs Analysis: organization-level, group-level, and person-level. All three levels can be evaluated for a comprehensive assessment of the situation. Or, in an attempt to concentrate investigations in a specific area of interest, an analysis may comprise combinations of levels or may focus on only one individual level. Depending upon the emphasis, a Needs Analysis may be referred to as a Job Analysis. A Needs Analysis may be conducted in relation to Employee Selection, Performance Appraisal Systems, Training and Development, and Organizational Development and Change. Additionally, a Needs Analysis may provide the first line of defense in employment-related lawsuits. To inquire about this type of analysis and how it may benefit you, please contact Dr. Bonner.

Job Analysis

A Job Analysis is a scientific method for gathering specific information about a job. The origin of many solutions (i.e. Employee Selection, Performance Appraisal Systems, Needs Analysis, Employment Actions, Training, Litigation Defense) are founded on an accurate Job Analysis. Several types and formats exist for a Job Analysis including these examples:

  • Task Analysis
  • Family-Level Analysis
  • Position Analysis
  • Organization-Level Analysis
  • Critical Incidents
  • Quantitative Analyses
  • Job Elements
  • Qualitative Analyses

Contact Bonner Solutions & Services and depend on Dr. Bonner to determine if a Job Analysis will provide the foundation for the answers that you need.

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys use scientific analyses to identify specific issues that are important to you, your group, or your company. The development of a survey is a skill grounded in science and research. Many factors of survey development directly affect the results that are obtained. Some important considerations are the following:

  • Item Formation: reading-level, statements, questions, etc.
  • Item Organization and Length
  • Item Presentation
  • Answer Format: dichotomy, checklist, multiple options, essay

The answers to these considerations will vary depending on your primary interest.

It is vitally important to have your Satisfaction Surveys scientifically designed to answer your questions. The correct design will increase the number of responses, will increase the quality of responses, and will increase the value of responses. Once designed, the survey will be administered and the results will be analyzed. The analysis will be presented in an easy to understand format, and recommendations will be provided in an easy to implement plan.

Satisfaction Surveys have two primary orientations:

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If you have questions and you need answers, do not hesitate to call. Bonner Solutions & Services will design, implement, analyze, and utilize Satisfaction Surveys that will make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are programs that are designed to provide a variety of services to employees as a benefit of their employment. Companies that provide access to these programs are providing valuable options to their employees. These companies are also enjoying the advantages of improved employee health, improved employee satisfaction, and improved employee commitment.

Often, EAPs are provided by local professionals but are maintained and managed in other cities or states. Rather than contracting with outside vendors, consider working directly with a local EAP resource. The EAP Services provided by Bonner Solutions & Services will be individually tailored to the specific needs of your company or organization. Additional information on EAPs is presented at Crisis Solutions.

Regardless of the size of your group or organization, Bonner Solutions & Services is a local EAP resource that you can trust!

Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs may be utilized within an EAP system or they may be implemented as independent programs. Employee Wellness Programs can emphasize stress management, eating behaviors and their management, smoking cessation, skills for healthy living, or techniques for reducing risky or dangerous lifestyles, to list a few examples.

The benefits of these programs are profound. The health of employees can improve. The use of sick days may decrease. The use of health insurance may decrease. The rates for health insurance may decrease. Employee satisfaction will increase. Employee commitment will increase.

If you are interested in these benefits, contact Dr. Bonner. She will schedule Employee Wellness Programs that will meet your needs.

Motivational Programs

Are you frustrated with the poor work ethic that is prevalent in today's society? Do you wish that subordinates, volunteers, or employees would be responsible and do what they say? Are you discouraged and tired of the hassles? Consider a Motivational Program from Bonner Solutions & Services.

A Motivational Program may be as simple as an Inspiring Seminar or a Dedicated Appreciation Day. A more comprehensive program may be designed and implemented for enhancing morale, adjusting work behaviors, and intensifying employee commitment. Depend on Dr. Bonner for the development and presentation of a program specifically created to motivate your employees or group.

Additional Solutions

Other Business Solutions that are provided through Bonner Solutions & Services include the following:

  • The development of Job Descriptions
  • The administration of Exit Interviews
  • The direction of Employment Actions
  • The evaluation of Current Policies and Procedures
  • The design of Compensation Plans
  • The development of Human Resources
  • The management of Organizational Development & Change

In addition to these Business Solutions, Bonner Solutions & Services also provides a wide variety of services that are critical for many types of businesses or groups. Click on the links to the left for detailed information about these Solutions and Services or contact Dr. Bonner via e-mail or by phone at 318.325.6900.


Whether your needs are at an individual, group, or corporate level, trust Bonner Solutions & Services to make all of the pieces of your puzzle fit.

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